Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another day, another run!

So I stepped out the door this morning into a SAUNA. Ugh the only thing I hate about the south, the HUMIDITY! I was planning on 5 but man I struggled HARD after mile 2, Geez, so 4.10 is all I could muster and even that was partly walked. Sumthin iz betta' than nuttin'!

And I hate my WW scale. My MIL gave it to me (her MIL couldn't use it) it never shows the same number twice. And by that I mean, I step on, 195, step off, then back on, 199!

Guess I need to just fork out the dough and get a phenomenal scale. I am about to toss that thing out the fucking window!

And this pisses me off even more, Candy Spelling Wins the SLOTS - Again! $180K. Really? Seriously? I guess you gotta spend money to make money! HAFER

Today's Run (Morning)
4.10 Miles / 48:13
11:45 Avg

Gym Workout (Afternoon)
Warm Up: 1.15 mile run 11:10 Avg
CORE ST (I forgot my HRM at home)
Cool down : 1.15 mile run 11:25 Avg


Al's CL Reviews said...

I hear ya about the heat/humidity. It was 79 at 8AM!

As for the scale...I keep a 5 pound weight in the bathroom. I weigh, I weigh with the weight and I weigh again. The 3rd weigh is what I take (provided it is 5 pounds below the weigh-in with the extra 5#s).

Sometimes, I have to wait a day.

Viv said...

She prolly feeds that machine $100 bills all day. It is bound to pay out. LOL!

Way to get outthere this morning. You kept at it and knew when to stop, so bad ass job!

My scal is a tempermental lil biatch sometimes. I step on it a million times till I get the same reading 3 times in a row than I can document it.

Tammy said...

Ugh! What happened to Spring?

It was 82 degrees at 7:30am! The low last night was 74! What happened to a gradual warm-up!?

Eh, I can't really say anything about the scale. I'm an every day scale hopper (I know, I know). I only hop once in the morning. I figure if it was wrong, it will correct itself the next day.

Lacy said...

That's awesome that you can run in the humidity. I can barely function in any humidity.

Lesley said...

Same issue with my WW scale, and with yesterday's outdoor sauna--whew! Keep on keepin' on!