Monday, June 16, 2008


so after we walked around the vendor section of the race, I headed home around 9:30, cuz Gary had to go into work.

I get home and noticed there are a ton of weeds in my beds, so I started weeding. Then I look at the backyard, which hasn't been mowed in ages, and decided to mow it for Gary since fathers day was Sunday.

I fed the kids breakfast and told them to behave while I was outside. Yeah. Uhm 2 hours later I was finally done. Holy shit, it was a bitch. We don't have a huge lot ( 0.33) but man oh man that sucked. It was hot and I was literally dripping sweat, but the yard looks good.

Then I headed indoors and started cleaning like a mad woman. That took another hour or so. My friend and her son came over a little later and we all headed to the pool for a few hours. Came home and headed to a neighborhood BBQ.

I finally went to sleep at 2 Sunday morning. So I had one hell of a weekend. I am still tired.

And did I mention I am up again? Dayum this sucks, but serves me right for pigging out this past weekend!

Today's Run:
3.25 miles / 40:21

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