Monday, June 23, 2008

Only 3 weeks till I am in...

So. Cal!!!!! I am very excited. I have not seen most of my family in 2 years. The twins are excited to see "Papa" Jack. But they still don't get the whole "were 2000 plus miles away" thing yet.

Had a great weekend. We swam on Saturday, then went to a friends cookout. It stormed allot, we needed the rain, but the turnout was great.

I am proud of myself. I stuck to Chicken, rather than have a Nathans dog, which are my fave. I piled on the grilled veggies and fruit, rather than chips. And I skipped the yummy dessert, which was laden with whip cream and chocolate fudge. Man that was hard but I stuck to my guns of losing 10lbs by the time I leave for Cali. (I lost 3lbs this week woop woop! only 7.1 to go)

We stayed way too late, and then when we got home we watched Fast Food Nation, wow that movie was intense. I think we were in bed by 4AM. Gary let me sleep in till 1PM. What a sweetie. But when I did get up and went downstairs I was in charge of lunch. I waned to swing by Roses, so I opted for Taco Bell. (I did good, I got two tacos)

I bought the twins a new pool for $10, Roses is the best! Then GCB called and came over with SX and the kids swam and we chatted. It was a nice relaxing weekend.

We leave for the OBX in a few days. I cannot wait. I love the beach, and we will be with some good people!

I cannot believe my babies will be 4 years old on Friday! Where has the time gone? :sniff: :sniff:


Well since the whole cold thing had me laid up, I just let my body rest. I got up today and took it easy, I was still congested so it made for a harder run, breathing wise.

AM Run:
3.42 miles / 39:12 mins
11:43 avg

PM Gym workout:
1 mile warm up
CORE and Upper Body ST with 4-quarter mile sprints in between.

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Viv said...

Cali is soooo close stick to the guns. The Nathan dogs does sound like temptation island. Glad the running can return now that you are feeling better. Stay healthy!