Friday, June 13, 2008


"the highest levels of particle pollution that we've ever recorded here over a prolonged period."

Is what I woke up to yesterday morning, but I attempted my run anyways. Stupid me, I began hacking and choking after mile 1. I walked home and that was that! We have the same advisory today. All this due to blazes on the coast.

It was really smokey yesterday, almost fog like and it stunk. I am hoping it all clears up tonight, for The Race for the Cure tomorrow. This is the very first road race I ever competed in, so I thought it only my duty to keep running this race.

I am running with my friend Savannah and this is her first race. She called me yesterday a bit excited and allot nervous. "Can I run with ear phones? What should I wear?"

I finally picked up the treadmill, we ordered, last night. It is a massive beast. Gary and I have the bruises to prove it. Hauling that thing upstairs was a feat in it of itself. WOW. But now if we ever have these bad air quality days again, I am all set.

GoodLuck Yas, at the Danskin! I know you will do great!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Oreo balls:

Good luck in the Race. That was my first one too. And I started my Couch to 5K last year in high pollen to be followed by the South GA fires that reached us.

tejanamama said...

GL chikee! email me back soon! i hope the air clears up so you can run!!!! cannot be good to run in that crap :(

Viv said...

Good luck with the race an supporting your frined. Be a sweetie and let her cross first :-)

Whoohoo the TM is in time to get outta the heat for a bit. Code red, in the hospital that means fire. I am assuming the same for weather..hotter than hell